Our goal is to fully embrace sustainable living

The leading lines and use of modern materials and technologies in the construction will make these houses unique and ultimately desirable.

A unique approach for a harmonious environment

All housing on the development will be uniquely and individually designed to carefully blend harmoniously and enhance with its location and views, whilst giving the client a comfortable and contemporary secure home and investment.

Solar energy harvesting system

Off the grid

Careful consideration has been given in the design to maximise the comfort and well being of the client.

The roofs have integrated solar energy harvesting system that give the homes a capacity to be self sufficient “off the grid”. They are also linked to the national grid for any supplement energy needs that can arise, whilst any surplus energy generated can be sold back to the national grid.

We are dedicated to environmental preservations

At the core of Espiche Golf Village, our unwavering commitment lies in the preservation of the environment.

Our approach to sustainability and eco-friendliness is deeply ingrained in the very fabric of our houses. We actively seek out and incorporate cutting-edge sustainable technologies into our construction methods.

Our mission extends beyond the construction of properties, as we endeavour to create homes that harmoniously coexist with the natural surroundings. By doing so, we minimise our impact on the environment and safeguard the innate beauty that envelops us.

Sustainability and an
Eco-Friendly ethos

Intelligent construction for passive house building

There has never been so much interest in the the Ecological impact of a building and it’s environment as there is today.

It is now important that developers and the investors alike conscientiously contribute towards an intelligent construction of a passive house building within a positive healthy social living environment.

Developing our bespoke strategy and unique design approach, will enable us to develop and innovative Designs for the future of our environment and surroundings.

We believe in tailor made solutions for each individual site, its location and its user.

Creating spaces for people.

Our Commitment

It is now important for developers and investors alike to conscientiously contribute to the intelligent construction of passive house building within a positive, healthy social living environment.

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Espiche Golf Village

Sítio dos Matos Brancos, 701 – N

8600-114 Espiche, Lagos

Algarve – Portugal

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T. +351 282 688 250

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