About Espiche Golf
and The Sustainable Golf Course

Sustainable Golf Course

Where Nature Meets Golf Sustainability

Immerse yourself in a nature-inspired golf experience where the golf course blends seamlessly with the scenic beauty of the Algarve. Our commitment to nature golf not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the course, but also the overall well-being of our surroundings.

The Vision and Sustainability

At Espiche Golf we believe that the future lies in creating a sustainable environment for future generations. To achieve this, we have used cutting-edge science and technology to create a course that reflects our dual passion for golf and environmental conservation.

We are committed to creating an unparalleled golf experience that is in harmony with sustainability. As a sustainable golf course, we are proud to champion the concept of “Nature Golf”, where the natural beauty of the Algarve becomes an integral part of the golfing journey.

Sustainable Golf Course

The course is located within a national park that requires delicate management. It is the ethos behind the management of every aspect of the club that makes Espiche a new concept in golf and property development in the Algarve.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the course itself – the restaurant also embraces this concept, as does the hotel development.

Espiche Golf is a testament to eco-friendly practices, ensuring that every swing is made in harmony with nature. From water conservation initiatives to wildlife preservation, we strive to minimise our environmental footprint while maximising the enjoyment of our players.

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Espiche Golf is a small company with a big dream

The three founding members were visionary entrepreneurs who visited the Algarve over 20 years ago to look at investment opportunities. When they saw the site at Bago de Uva, they immediately saw the opportunity to create a course that would be unique in Portugal, a natural course that would blend into the landscape. They took their concept to South African golf course architect Peter Sauerman, who designed the course, and with the backing and support of a small group of investors and a handful of dedicated builders, they lovingly built and landscaped the design to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Today Espiche Golf Algarve is a sustainable golf course, a golf reference for many tourists and locals.

Their dream is now a reality for you to enjoy.


Worldwide Clubhouse of the year 2015 – 3rd place

Espiche Golf is the only golf club outside the USA to be recognised as Clubhouse of the Year 2015 by the prestigious Golf Inc. Publication.

The results of the 2015 Clubhouse of the Year Awards have revealed that Espiche Golf is one of only nine clubhouses in the world, and the only clubhouse outside the United States, to be recognised in the New Construction and Renovation categories by Golf Inc. Magazine.

Four judges, with backgrounds in architecture, design, and golf ranked the Espiche Golf Clubhouse third in the world in the New Construction category.

Entries for the Clubhouse of the Year award were judged on three factors: efficiency, aesthetics and overall design concept, with Espiche Golf Clubhouse excelling in all areas and being recognised for the innovative, sustainable and creative design of the clubhouse, which opened in May 2014.

Golf Sustainability Award

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