Practice Areas

Practice your game and improve your golfing skills at Espiche Golf practice facilities.


Driving Range

Our driving range is located near the main entrance of the course and is open throughout the day, offering a turf range and mats from which to hone your golfing skills and focus on specific areas of your game.
Enjoy practising your game alone, with friends or take advantage of our "Fully Qualified Golf Professional" by PGA Portugal within the club for extra guidance.

Short Game Area

Short Game Area (Green - 600m2 of Paspallum - Bunkers 300m2 - Surround 300m2 (Bermuda) - Surrouding area (Bermuda rough).
With our short game now open, Espiche Golf offers specialised golf training packages to improve your game. These packages include sessions on: chipping, pitching, bunker play and of course putting from 60m and closer to the hole.
Please check out our new short game coaching offers to help you sharpen up your game and your golfing skills.